Dark Sky Optics

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Welcome to the Dark Sky Optics web page. We have a selected range of the very best quality ultra portable grab and go astro scopes. These can be setup quickly for almost immediate viewing. The Skywaycher Skymax 90T is one of the best portable scopes available and comes with good quality eyepieces and diagonal. You may wish to upgrade to higher quality accessories to increase the quality and viewing capabilities, see listings. All our listed telescopes will attach to a good quality standard fluid head photo tripod making for a very portable setup, please see our listing for the Fotomate VT-5006, an excellent affordable fluid head tripod. Alternatively we have listed the new Skywatcher AZ Alt-Azimuth Pronto mount and tripod for increased stability at high magnifications. We have included two excellent and superior Astro binoculars, a general purpose super quality 7x50 binocular and a high powered 15x70 which can be used handheld but would benefit from being mounted onto a tripod via an L shaped adaptor, also listed. Please feel free to email us for further product information.